Regarding the report released by the Howard County Office of Human Rights regarding the actions of Sheriff Jim Fitzgerald.

The Howard County Democratic Central Committee, representing the Democratic Party in a community where our diversity is valued, condemns the alleged derogatory comments made by Sheriff Jim Fitzgerald that have been brought to light in the recent investigation by the Howard County Office of Human Rights. During this election year, as Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump continues to create a space where hateful commentary is fueled and embraced without repercussions from the leaders of his party, the Howard County Democratic Party does not hesitate to proclaim that there is no room in our community for racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, or intolerance of any kind. As Congressman Elijah Cummings says, "diversity is not our problem, it's our promise," and any elected official who does not share that value has broken their oath to serve all of the citizens in their community and should immediately resign

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