Democrats have the edge

According to a recent issue of The Howard County Times, the following was reported in the October 1915 issue:

“Democrats Gain by Registration: Intermediate Registration, Just Completed Shows Decided gains in the Ranks of Democratic Voters.
“The total registration Howard County, as shown by the official figures furnished by the Supervisors of Elections, compiled after the closing of the books after the recent intermediate registration.
“It will be observed that in 1914 there were 2,288 Democrats and 1,190 Republicans, while there are now on the books 2,447 Democrats and 1,293 Republicans, the Democrats having increased their ranks by 159, while the Republicans have increased by 103, giving a net gain to the Democrats of 56. Furthermore, there are fewer ‘Declined’ voters on the books.”
Now 100 years later, we need to push Democratic voter registration again. We can do it; it’s a 100-year-old tradition!

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