ECWHDC committees are focused on electing democrats running for office in the state District 9 and county districts 1, 2, and 5. 


  • Develops and implements plans to attract ECWHDC members
  • Reach out to individuals and to network with other groups, Huddles, etc


  • Developing a network of precinct captains for the 45 precincts in District 9
  • District captains will act a liaisons between neighborhoods and the club


  • Responsible for disbursing information about the Club and its activities to the public through digital and social media as well as press releases


  • Informing the club about current issues under consideration by the County Council, State of Maryland, and the Federal Government.
  • Establish positions on current issues
  • Goal: 1 issue per month


  • Solicits speakers for monthly meetings
  • Preparing “action step(s)” for the club


  • Provide information about the current government structure and elected officials
  • Runs the club endorsement process at the February and April meetings

Each month, committees have the opportunity to propose an “action element” at meetings usually driven by speaker presentations.