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Don’t sell downtown Columbia short

Editorial for The Howard County TimesHoward County Times This is a critical month for Howard County residents. Two very different legislative packages are set to be introduced before the County Council on Friday. The policy decision before the council will shape the future of affordable housing in downtown Columbia, have a significant impact on the future of...
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Our July meeting is special. We are meeting at the home of Linda and Dave Osmundson beginning at 7 p.m. We will be having a potluck dinner. Please plan to bring a dish to pass. In addition to the dinner, State Senator Ed Kasemeyer, chair of the budget and taxation committee, will be the featured...
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Fundraiser for Jon Weinstein

Networking & Fundraiser for Councilman Jon Weinstein with Special Guest Congressman Chris Van Hollen

(Democratic Nominee for US Senate)

Thursday, July 21st at 7:30 a.m. -9 a.m.

Join Maryland's Democratic US Senate Nominee Congressman Chris Van Hollen and Councilman Jon Weinstein in this annual networking event and fundraiser with business and community leaders. Come out to recognize Jon's efforts...

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The Ellicott City Western Howard Democratic Club hosted a panel of bloggers at its May meeting to learn about how this medium is influencing elections and politics. Thank you to Scott Ewart, Julia McCready and Jonathan Shurberg for sharing their insights and experience. The ECWHDC meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Plan to join us on Tuesday, June 14.

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Jonathan Shurberg

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