October 2016

In attendance: 20

Meeting opened @ 7:35 p.m.

Glory Days Restaurant, Rt. 40, Ellicott City

A. President’s Report

  • Dan Medinger, president, opened the meeting by acknowledging Yom Kippur.
  • September minutes were approved.
  • We have a busy agenda with time for open forum.
  • Discussed dues structure and highlighted that $50 is a Super Democrat.
  • Recognize elected officials – Dr. Clarence Lam and Dr. Terri Hill, plus three members of central committee, including Patti Medinger.
  • Suggested change of meeting dates because second Tuesdays have so many conflicts in the coming months. First Tuesday was proposed, staring Nov. 1. Bryan Coster made the motion. Patti seconded. Lisa is researching other places to meet. Will look into Eggspectations per a member’s suggestion.
  • Our holiday party committee includes Patti, Sue Geckle and Lisa. Date of the holiday party is Sat. Dec 17, 2 – 4 p.m.
  • Executive committee met last week. We would like to plan a fundraiser which will take place in the spring, considering a dance in March.
  • Sheriff Fitzgerald is resigning in light of the investigation. Dan suggests our club ask governor to appoint a Democrat. Dr. Hill suggests we ask for an interim. Dan will draft a statement.

B. Treasurer’s Report

– balance $1579.14

C. Program – Guest speakers:

1) Proposition A., Jordan Baucum Colbert from Progressive Maryland, spoke about Howard County Citizens’ Election Fund for small donors, matching fund. It’s a non-partisan issue. Need volunteers to phone bank and go door-to-door. “Give democracy back to the citizens.” Will be budgeted from county general fund, most likely. It’s optional for candidates and follows Montgomery County’s program. We’re encouraged to support resolution A.

2) David Goodman, a partner in Trublu Politics. He’s been working on campaigns for 17 yrs. He covered four key elements of campaign – research, fundraising, communications, and field. He works on retainer as well as charges per mailing. It generally costs $250,000 for a state senate race.

3) Past political candidate, House of Delegates 2014 – Adam Sachs, author of “Don’t Knock, He’s Dead.” It’s his second book, but his first non-fiction. He says politics is a rough business, not for the faint of heart. Why you run: chance, opportunity, belief, reason, time, energy, money, good connections, political support, and family and work commitments. He’s glad he ran.

D. Old Business

Lisa Coster brought up the possibility of the club donating to the Van Hollen and/or Clinton campaigns as other clubs do. Fred Dickson said it wasn’t necessary, as both candidates have huge pools of money already. Dr. Hill encouraged us, saying it is not about the amount of the donation, but the club support and recognition. A resolution was passed: We resolve to donate $100 to the Chris Van Hollen campaign and staff one polling station on Election Day.

E. New Business/Announcements

  • Lisa Coster made an announcement about the 50+Expo on October 31, WLHS.
  • Next meeting Nov 1; guests will discuss politics and the election effects on the financial markets

The meeting adjourned at 9:02.p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Lisa B. Coster, secretary