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Small donor empowerment programs

Dear Mr. Allan Kittleman and the County Council, We urge you to support legislation in Howard County to fight big money and make sure every voice matters in our elections by empowering everyday Americans through a system that amplifies the voices of small donors and helps reduce the overdependence on big money. The problem of big money...
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Donald Trump and immigrants

Mr. Trump wants to deport all illegal immigrants. His statements make me think that the Republican National Committee needs to begin the process for having him committed to a mental institution because of all his hateful rants. To deport over 11 million illegal immigrants, the government would have to deport over 7,550 person every day for four years (1461 days) or about 315 persons every hour (35,064 hours). Now,...
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Hillary for President Campaign Invites You

The next statewide meeting for Maryland for Hillary will be held on November 12 at the offices of Maryland Classified Employee Association Office located at 7127 Rutherford Road, Baltimore, MD 21244 (near Martin's West). There will be two fascinating speakers – one who will inspire us to work even harder to make history in November 2016 by...
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Democrats have the edge

According to a recent issue of The Howard County Times, the following was reported in the October 1915 issue:

“Democrats Gain by Registration: Intermediate Registration, Just Completed Shows Decided gains in the Ranks of Democratic Voters.
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