January 2017

In attendance: 24

Meeting opened @ 7:35 p.m.

Glory Days Restaurant, Rt. 40, Ellicott City

A. President report

  • Dan Medinger – the meetings are the 1st Tues. of the month.
  • Nov. meeting minutes were approved.
  • We are considering collaborating with the other HoCo Clubs on other   events/meetings, in addition to the holiday party. Many elected officials showed up at party, including U.S. Senator Chris van Hollen, Attorney General and Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz.
  • Dues are being collected for 2017 – Super Dems are $50, seniors and students are $10, individuals are $20
  • Member Jim Adams passed away on 12/27. The Club will write a letter of condolence to the family. A few members of the Club went to the viewing.
  • Dan distribute a Wall Street Journal article about the performance of the stock market during various presidential elections, depending upon which party was in power.
  • Dan recognized elected officials present.
  • Dan Introduced four new members, two women and two men.

Treasurer Report

  • Rich Corkran – Treasurer’s report – holiday party collections were very confusing between all the Clubs. Elected officials donated over $1,700 to the party. When all receipts are in, there likely will be excess income for distribution among the four Clubs. ECWHDC received no income in Dec.; balance as of 1/3/17 is $1,499.14.

B. Program

  • Najee Bailey from Dr. Calvin Ball’s office presented two pieces of legislation; Dr. Ball asked the Club to support both.
    A long discussion ensued about the county’s sanctuary Bill 9-2017 co-sponsored by Dr. Ball and Jen Terrasa. The Club voted to support the bill with the exception of. Courtney Watson who abstained.
    There was also discussion about Bill 8-2017, co-sponsored by Jon Weinstein, about the Next Generation Air Transportation System at BWI Airport. The Club voted to support it, as well.
  • Doug Miller spoke on campaign financing, Get Money Out – Maryland (GMOM) started in fall ’13, an all-volunteer group
    The group was behind the passage of HoCo Question A.
    Another resolution, a U.S. Constitutional Amendment, proposes a Convention of the States (or "Article V Convention") for free and fair elections, overturn Citizens United, and provide a federal guarantee to every citizen of the right to vote. When two-thirds of the states do likewise, the convention must be convened. GMOM is asking MD to be sixth date to do this. The convention is not the goal.
    Also provided information on the proposed balanced budget amendment; 28 states already have the amendment. Met with Eric Ebersole who will sponsor, and have support from Clarence Lam, Terri Hill, Chris Van Hollen, and Jamie Raskin. Website is www.getmoneyoutmd.org.

C. Old and New Business

  • Rich Meyer – Did an analysis of all the committee appointments by the County. He noted that there is lack of information about the openings and he was concerned that it appeared that most appointments were going to Republicans, i.e., tax appeal board.
  • Dave Osmundson - League of Women Voters meeting, Feb. 7 – First Lutheran Church, Ellicott City, 11:00 a.m.
  • Cathy Affeldt – Women’s March on Washington, Jan. 21– CDC is securing buses for the trip May not be any more room but go to website for wait list.
  • Patti Medinger – Are we interested in having all the HoCo Dem Clubs do more than one meeting per year, i.e. quarterly, to save money and resources? The membership agreed and the CDC will be approached about the issue.
  • Courtney Watson – Chosen as a delegate to Electoral College, one of 11 Marylanders who voted in Annapolis. She said it was bittersweet, voting for Clinton. She documented all the information on her FB page and was interviewed on HBO’s news show.
  • Bryan Coster – mentioned the sanctuary bill and how we can’t go back to the 1940’s. Thanked Dr. Calvin Ball for proposing it.
  • Dan and Patti Medinger attended Chris Van Hollen’s swearing in reception before the meeting.

Next meeting February 7, 2017, at Glory Days.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00.

Respectfully submitted by Lisa B. Coster, secretary