November 2018 Meeting Minutes

November 13, 2018
Approx. 35 in attendance
Meeting opened at 7:30 pm

1. President Report – Sue Geckle

Congratulations to all of our candidates, all of them who ran!
Congratulations to Rich Gibson, Sean Ford on Courtney’s victory.
Recognize Natalie Ziegler and Steve Bolen for coming so close in 9A
Congratulations to Katie Hester (who agrees with Sue)
Thanks to China Williams (Cindy is here)
Congratulations to Liz Walsh in CC1

Introduction of new members, Harvey & Nan

Minutes approved for September and October meetings

First Tuesday of January falls on the 1st, so the club will meet on January 8th

December 1st, holiday party, Ridgely Run Community Center 2-4pm
We need volunteers to help with setup
Email Lisa Coster or Sue Geckle if you want to help out  (see the newsletter for contact information)

Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence – to honor the 6th anniversary of Sandy Hook
Owen Brown Interfaith Center, December 14th, 6:30 – 8pm

December 3rd swearing in ceremony, location tbd – County Ex, Council, Sheriff

January 7th swearing in ceremony for Rich Gibson, location tbd

Thank you to everyone who volunteered on the campaigns – knocking on doors, filling out postcards, making phone calls, hosting house parties

2. Treasurer’s Report

Balance as of 10/2/18 $4035.59
Dues collected  $15.00
Expenses  $0.00
Balance as of 11/13/18  $4050.59

Rich still has shirts from the last meeting as well as a few hats – good stocking stuffers for your Republican friends.  See Rich after the meeting.  $5 for hats, $5 for t-shirts, all proceeds go to the club.

Brian Coster asked about the amount we donated to candidates.  Rich said as long as we don’t go over the limit, we can continue to donate.

3. Program

Dr. Kris Juffer

No news is good news, or is it?  Kris Juffer, Ph.D., who has worked in the media and communications fields in private and governmental organizations,>gave a highly interesting presentation as to how you can determine if sources and information are credible.