Campaign Financing Reform

Do you feel like your elected officials don’t understand your situation and what matters to you?

Do you want to see people elected whose experiences are more like yours?

Join hundreds of thousands of Americans like you in a movement of people working together to build a fair and honest democracy that gives everyone an equal voice in our government. Together, we are fighting back against wealthy special interests that are preventing our leaders from passing the laws that matter for ordinary Americans, such as protections for workers’ rights, voting rights, and clean air and water for our children.

Howard County is one of several counties working to strengthen Maryland’s democracy with common-sense reforms to fund elections with small contributions from people like you rather than large contributions from wealthy special interests.

Momentum for reform is growing nationwide. Connecticut adopted similar program in 2013 and Maine is voting to strengthen their program next month. Montgomery County has already adopted a program to encourage candidates to turn down large special interest donations in favor of contributions of less than $150.

You can learn more and help! Register here to participate in a telephone town hall with Congressman John Sarbanes, and leaders from local organizations like Maryland PIRG and Maryland Common Cause, to learn more about the important work happening in Howard County and how you can get involved.

Your voice is needed on this call. Make sure you register to get the call-in number and unique pin. You can also reach out to Pam Clough with any questions or concerns.

Join us in the fight to give every American an equal voice and RSVP now for the telephone town hall on November 9th from 7:30- 8:30 pm.


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